Flood, hail, heat waves and polar waves warnings

Our forecasts can generate custom alerts for our users. Because we are not all equal, register to see how the weather impacts your life daily, depending where you are and what your profile is. Smart City Clima provides you alerts for key climate risks that affect your city.

Risk Maps

What happens when it rains? What if temperatures are higher or lower than the average? Learn how the main climate risks, such as floods, heat waves and polar waves, are distributed in space, thanks to our risk maps.

Forecasts Ranking

Smart City Clima permanently evaluates the degree of success and the errors of the best known forecasters in order to know who is the most reliable and compares them with our own algorithms, so as to use the best in each situation.

Weather History

Learn more about how extreme events impact on your city. From floods to heat waves and polar waves Smart City Clima shows you the trends for your city.

Lifelong Learning

We incorporate your needs, we enrich our forecasts and alerts with your feedback. Our forecasts and warnings learn from the experience and are continuously adapting to change.

The Best Prognosis

No matter where you are, we always show you the best prognosis according to your location. Our algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence generate more accurate forecasts with greater spatial resolution.


In the case of the occurrence of an extreme weather event we take you closer to the emergency services. Go to the nearest police station or hospital or call the emergency services, all from Smart City Clima.