Frequently asked questions

About the Method.

What can I use Smart City Clima for?

Unlike other mobile apps about weather, Smart City Clima offers a comprehensive view of the weather and its consequences: these are the result of the combination of the threat, the environment and the affected individual. Thus, this app, allows users to receive customized alerts against extreme weather events that affect their city. At times when these phenomena are not perceived Smart city Clima delivers the best forecasts available for your location.

How do do you make a prognosis?

Smart City Clima combines information from various sources through algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, able to detect patterns of behavior over long periods of time. Thus, when a series of conditions, which in past opportunities generated an alert occurs, the application adjusts the variables to the user’s profile and, if applicable, issues a warning message as it is very likely that the situation unfolds in a similar way.

What are your sources of information?

Climate Smart City combines information that is traditionally used in engineering to develop both models and to predict climate impacts such as floods, including topographic information, intensity and duration of rainfall, along with data collected from non-traditional sources that help us validate these models. A major source of information is the crowdsourcing, ie the information provided by users of the application. The work is done by Smart City Clima for every city in which we operate.

Is the method precise?

Yes, but it depends largely on the information available for each location and the data provided by the users. Moreover, one advantage of the method is to learn from mistakes actively. That is why an active collaboration of the community, indicating the strengths and weaknesses, allows us to carry out an apprenticeship in the application that will translate into better and custom forecasts for all users in future events.

Are your forecasts the best?

We are the only service that provides customized alerts forecasts for extreme weather events. Traditional forecasts indicate only likelihood of rainfall or certain temperatures, but do not assess the impact these may have on the population. Furthermore, they only do so in large scales, as they do not become representative of the uniqueness and granularity that large cities have. Smart City Clima transforms a simple forecast into a custom one that illustrates its impacts, according to user’s characteristics and location.

Technical characteristics.

In what devices can I download Smart City Clima?

The mobile application runs on any device with Android 4.0 or higher as well as iOS devices. The application is available for both mobile phones to tablets.

How many resources are consumed by Smart City Clima?

It is designed to be a light app, with limited data consumption, so the same as other applications with similar characteristics.

Are you planning to develop the app for other operating systems?

Yes, for all: iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Relationship with the users.

Why do you ask for personal information?

One of the advantages of Climate Smart City is to provide customized alerts. Therefore we suggest to you to fill the fields such as age, health status, that will indicate us if you have certain limitations that prevent you from reacting normally in case of an emergency. The direction to consider for an alert is also significant; For example, if you put an alert for parking a vehicle in a basement in an area at risk of flooding. Thus Smart City Clima can assesses the vulnerability of the user and the frequency or conditions with which alerts are sent. These parameters also stipulate the anticipation with which messages are sent.

Is it necessary to give all my data?

It is not mandatory to complete all fields. Failure to do so will conclude in associating you with a neutral profile. It is likely that in this case you will not receive alerts that fit your needs. That is why we recommend to complete the form with accurate and honest information.

What use do you give to my personal information?

Your personal information is used only to calculate your vulnerability profile and provide unique alerts that suit your needs.

Will you share this information with third parties?

No, information is not shared or distributed to third parties, it is used only for analytical purposes as you have stated in the previous question (for more information please go check the question "What use give my personal information?").