We develop products and solutions that use technology to meet the needs of users, businesses and governments.


Apps that do not require download any software



Intelligence between the city, the weather and you

We developed a system that combines the collaboration of community learning algorithms to generate a network of mobile applications that work together to manage a complex system such as the city and help create a smart city.




You've been robbed? The traffic is collapsed? See the 6 categories and inform the community about the positive and negative aspects of what you're seeing and experiencing. Together we will continue building a thematic map of the good and bad things, which is constantly updated. Use it, share it and tell your friends about it! Together we help!



Intelligence applied to the field

SmartAgro is an application for rural producers and all those who make decisions in the field. Combined in one application market information, production and climate and customize to suit individual user needs.



Online games for mobile devices, tables or PCs



A game developed to show the pontecial of a new planning approach for analyzing social issues such as mobility in urban areas. In our project we have developed a system dynamics model for RMN (Buenos Aires).



A game developed with the aim of showing a new approach to analysis of the Areco river, the consequences of flooding on the actors in the region, what decisions can be made and what impact those decisions on the consequences in the area.